About Us

About Python Ghana

The Python Software Community in Ghana (Python Ghana) is a registered non-profit organisation, run solely by kind-hearted volunteers that sacrifice towards the common vision of moving Africa to the forefront in the world of technology. It is an organisation of technology enthusiasts who seeks to promote and advance the use of technology, educating people on the potential benefit of leveraging on this resource effectively and adequately to better their lives.

With the fourth industrial revolution on the horizon, it’s imperative to be active contributors in the rapidly changing environment in incorporating STEM in our everyday lives, and teaching/inspiring everyone, specifically the backbone of our future (young leaders) about the prospects of getting involved on time, especially in Africa that has so many constraints inhibiting the growth of technology.

Since inception in 2017, they have impacted over 600+ ladies with the Django Girls initiative, hosted several meetups, workshops, bootcamps across the country, and crossed several major milestones so much that they were given the opportunity to host the first ever Pan-African international Python conference (PyCon Africa) twice in a row (last year (2019), and later this year(2020)).

They are a diverse group comprising of various initiatives such as - Pyladies Ghana which is an all-female mentorship initiative that seeks to encourage ladies get more involved in technology, bridging the diversity gap in the tech ecosystem, PyData Ghana – a data science focused group, and the new PyScholar and PyClub initiative aimed at students at the Senior high level and Tertiary level, introducing and assisting them on their technological journey.

The community is a safe haven that embraces master programmers, intermediate, absolute beginners and even just the curious minded in an environment where knowledge is shared, and family is built. The community is open to everyone at all levels.

So whether you are resident in Ghana or outside the country, an absolute beginner or a maestro, programmer in Python or other languages but have some interest in Python, our community will embrace you. We have an active Telegram Group, where we engage ourselves regularly. You can check out our Github page for projects we have or are working on.

Our vision

  • To promote the use of the Python programming language across industries, communities, schools, learning centers, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, ability, and recognizing the value of diversity.
  • To be a representative of the Python Software Foundation in Ghana, and to be a facilitator of the global vision of the foundation.
  • To involve IT professionals who use the Python programming language with the local community, to impart knowledge.
  • To foster unity among community members and promote the individual development of community members.
  • To ensure collaboration between the local community and the wider international Python community.
  • To educate, encourage, support and if necessary, help facilitate projects of members of the community.
  • To monitor all community projects and ensure a safe and friendly environment, and conformity to the code of conduct as stipulated by the Python Software Foundation.

Meet our team

The Success of Python Ghana won't be achieved without the sacrifice and commitment of our executives & great Leads past and present below.

Our Advisory Board

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Ewa Jodlowska

Executive Director Python Software Foundation

Ewa started her role with the Python community in 2008 as a third party meeting planner. In 2012 Ewa became a full time employee of the PSF organizing PyCon and doing administrative work for the PSF. In 2015, Ewa became the Director of Operations and oversees the Foundation's operations, employees, and PyCon and is currently the Executive Director

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Marlene Mhangami

Director - Python Software Foundation || Co-founder - ZimboPy

Marlene is the current Chair of Pycon Africa, a Director for the Python Software Foundation, and a co-founder of ZimboPy, a Zimbabwean non-profit that empowers women to pursue careers in technology. She also works as the hub manager for a local technology hub in Harare where she is based.