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PyLadies Tarkwa Meetup 1.0

PyLadies Ghana · April 11, 2019 · 4 min read ·

As the first ever meetup for PyladiesTarkwa was planned to come off on 16th February, 2019, did happen, It was amazing seeing four ladies from different fields of engineering making time out of their busy schedule meet with one passion to learn how to code with the Python Programming Language at 12:30pm at the University of Mines and Technology, library discussion room.

The session started with building a network among the new faces seen. It was a very interactive session where we got to know each other's passions. After which there was an introduction from the coach who shared her experience. We then delved into the general overview of programming with python, opportunities available and also motivated the ladies to set goals in other to reach higher heights. All mentioned above constituted the informal session. Before the tutorial session started, the coach went round the tables and made sure each lady had their IDE installed and had Python running.
Looking at the encouraged faces of the ladies, we delved into Python, by learning the basics of programming with python. Most were surprised at seeing few lines of codes, executed very simple; they were inspired to learn more because it was easy.                              

Here are a few words from the participants about their experiences.
Fatima- Bint Ibrahim

The python programming language is a very easy and friendly language in terms of its syntax as compared to other programming languages. This makes it easy for individuals with little or no knowledge about programming get well acquainted to the programming world. From my perspective, I feel python is the best language to begin with when starting your programming journey.

PyLadies is a good initiative because it helps not only women offering computer related courses but also women from diverse fields to at least get a feel of programming without much stress but with little effort and dedication they are able to do wonders. This initiative just started and I’m already having a feeling it is going to be massive, more exciting and more inspiring as the years go by. With PyLadies Tarkwa, not only have I been able to learn the language, but I also have met women from diverse fields. This I believe will help broaden my horizon as we interact and share ideas.    ~ Fatima- Bint Ibrahim


~ Kate Walker
My enthusiasm to learn a programming language died down on my first lecture. I found it very boring. It seemed very complex too (maybe because of the kind of tuition I got). I lost interest at some point. Though I managed to pass my exam, I was not confident in my ability hence would not put it out anywhere that I could code.
I saw PyLadies Tarkwa as a chance to learn so I decided to go for it. The first meet up was a very exciting experience. Finding me amongst ladies like me who were ready to learn and share their knowledge was just the right atmosphere. At my first try, I was very excited and desired to continue. Python is very simple and easy to use. It was presented to us in a simple manner and tutored such that I found it very interesting.
I am very confident this would be an amazing learning experience. I look forward to solving problems around me with the knowledge and skills I would acquire. ~ Kate Walker

Having all the fun by experiencing python, time was not on our side, so we had to draw the curtains down and get to another fun session of photo shoot with the coach and participants and after which we had some refreshment. PyLadies Tarkwa's very first meetup was a success, very exciting and most of all, a daring one for me – but thanks to the Almighty God for granting us the opportunity to host this session. I am so happy.

We therefore say thank you to The Python Software Foundation (The PSF), Python Ghana, PyLadies Ghana and to the PyladiesTarkwa team.
This blog was written by Abigail Gyimah.

Author: PyLadies Ghana

PyLadies Ghana is Mentor-ship group in Ghana focused on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source Community.

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