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My First Experience as a Django girls Coach

Rahmat Akintola · April 29, 2019 · 2 min read ·

Coaching at Django Girls Ho was a refreshing and eye-opening experience for me.
After attending my first ever Django Girls event at Capecoast in February as a mentee. I worked on finishing my blog before the next event so I could apply as a coach but I wasn’t able to meet the target.
I refrained from applying as either a coach or mentee because I thought I didn’t have the experience to apply as a coach and I also didn’t want to take the space of someone with zero knowledge of Django since I already have the tutorial book from the previous event.
I was able to attend Django Girls Ho with the hope of finishing my blog at the event, through the help of some of the coaches. When the event started, I teamed up with Coach Barbara as an assistant coach+mentee.
It was her first experience as a coach and she had three mentees excluding myself. Therefore, I offered to mentor one of her mentee, Dzifa so she could concentrate on the other two.

Coaching Dzifa was really refreshing. I felt good that I was able to share my little knowledge of Django and Python with someone else and I was able to learn and understand more by teaching.
I was so nervous and I had to keep asking her severally if she really understands. I think i was  really able to calm down after the thumbs-up and support I got from her and other experienced coaches at the event.
It was really a fun and awesome experience and I hope I get to impact more knowledge and give back to the Programming community. Thanks to organizers, sponsors and the whole Python Software Community in Ghana for making these events available.

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