The Event Page on Python Ghana is to show current and upcoming Python Related events happening around Ghana, You are also to register your event with the Python Event on the main python website, or you can let us know if we are to help you with that.

To have your event listed here, Send a mail to using this format:

Please add the following event:
                                 * name of the event:
                                 * type of event:
                                 * focus on Python:
                                 * approximate number of attendees:
                                 * location (incl. region):
                                 * dates/times/recurrence :
                                 * link (in HTML format):
                                        <a href="http://url/">name of the event</a>

Note: Your events should also be forwarded to to reflect on the main Python Event website

For recurring events, please also include the recurrence information, e.g. "monthly, every second Thursday".

Upcoming Events